“…miMOTIVE connects influential decision makers to a dynamic automotive network of content, intelligence, people, and ideas…”

miMOTIVE is revolutionizing automotive content & intelligence.

Great automotive content & intelligence tells a story that impacts the industry at large. Great automotive content & intelligence isn’t just a recycled report, a generic article, or the latest press release; it’s interactive content & intelligence that inspires, educates and excites the industry.

The automotive industry has tremendous opportunities in a new connected and digital world. Automotive players have built massive global communities and ambitious strategy plans for the future. But now, the automotive industry is faced with new challenges. How does the industry keep audiences engaged and forecast plans on track?

The automotive industry needs a way to create sought-after content & intelligence with simplicity, speed and scale.

Over the past few months, miMOTIVE has worked on building the first real end-to-end automotive content & intelligence solution. By combining cutting-edge software and quality content, we’ve changed the game for all automotive players. miMOTIVE provides a single platform to plan, source, discover, publish and measure automotive content at scale. Additionally, our platform connects users to the largest automotive content & intelligence marketplace in the world. The automotive industry gains unprecedented access to content from thousands of publishers, as well as miMOTIVE Services, an exclusive professional network, including writers, photographers, designers, analysts and consultants.

We’re on a mission.

miMOTIVE was built with a purpose. We realize that the automotive content & intelligence industry needs a new sustainable business model. We believe that the content & intelligence industry should not just survive. It should thrive! By commissioning and licensing trusted content & intelligence across a broad range of automotive subjects and perspectives, miMOTIVE delivers millions of dollars of revenue back into the automotive content & intelligence ecosystem. We’re raising automotive standards. We license complete market reports, sponsor research projects, pay our content providers and always attribute credit to publishers.

miMOTIVE is a Founder Institute startup.

About miMOTIVE

miMOTIVE is a privately owned Portuguese company that operates an ecosystem of original automotive intelligence & content with a global community. We’re passionate about the automotive industry, and about enabling quality providers to make a living doing what they love. At miMOTIVE, automotive intelligence & content help professionals from all over the world change the way they earn and learn online.

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